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The relationship between roofing and rain gutters


There is a direct relationship with rain gutter repair and roofing. At JB we specialize in everything that makes your roof a healthier place to live and protect your investment. Roofing and rain gutters go hand in hand. For example, when the roofer lays the tile he leaves a small portion of metal called flashing. This is left for the rain gutter installer. The rain gutters are installed under the flashing. These two fields –roofing and rain gutters-- can be taken care of by one professional or multiple contractors.

Most of the contractors that work in these fields have done work in both fields. They are interrelated and you will notice when you start pricing your next roofing job that they offer similar services. A great example is when we installed metal roofing recently in Ventura, the client expected us to do the rain gutters. After we were done, the patio covers were next... and guess what-- the patio covers needed rain gutters also [...]

Roofing, Patio Covers or Rain Gutters – JB has you covered !

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It's Patio Cover Season!

The rain has subsided and it's time again for another hot summer. That's when JB gets into patio cover mode and we get geared up to provide shade and tranquility for you, your family or business in the heat of summer. We install patio covers for residential and commercial properties at this time of year. We service and install patio covers in the Ventura, Santa Barbara and we've just added Riverside to the communities we provide installations for. Remember that not only will a patio cover look great in your backyard but it will also add extra value to your home. We offer lifetime warranties on everything we do. We will also match or beat any estimate you've received to build your patio covers. Some of our patio covers even come with rain gutters built-in that attach to your roof.